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Why you need sanitation


A lack of sanitation following a major disaster can quickly create disease epidemics. Improper sanitation is directly or indirectly kills hundreds of thousands of people each year in peaceful times and during war times has proven to be just as deadly as the wars which provoked the situation.

The average person produces two to three pints of urine and one pound of feces every day. Flies, other pest, even the family dog  or the person themselves going to the bathroom can transfer dangerous fecal born  matter to food and the ensuing results from fecal borne pathogens can be disastrous to you and your loved one’s health.
The last thing that anyone needs during a disaster is to be stressed out about where to go to the bathroom and be wandering around until they find a spot in which they feel safe to go or just can’t hold it any longer and go. Americans are not accustomed to squatting while going to the bathroom and many are not physically able due to past injury, old age, out of shape, etc, conditions. Undue stress and concern about finding and using a toilet, especially in darkness and all types of weather conditions can psychologically and physiologically cause a person to “bind up” inside, preventing bowl movement through constipation. If a person is tense or strain, the sphincter muscles contract and make the evacuation more difficult.  By providing a place to go to the bathroom at any time, privacy when going, hygiene products and way to dispose of waste, The Ultimate Survivor Package address all these issues and more with simple solutions for all.

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