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Why you need hope and more....


If you are reading this by now you should of have found the water, food and other life support survival items in this package. But just as importantly it contains HOPE!

Where does HOPE come from you may be asking yourself?  Hope comes from knowing that you can survive most disaster circumstances if you have the right knowledge, attitude and life support items. Your survival is paramount, not only to yourself, but all the other people around you who may be less fortunate, but which you can help!

We offer these survival tools in the most practical, affordable, simple, efficient and realistic way possible for your best outcome. We do not guarantee your safety during an emergency, no one can! All natural and man-made disasters scenarios by nature are life threatening.

Now, The Ultimate Survival Package can provide a great many things that you may not be aware of. PLEASE READ the enclosed information, view the picture instructions and get hands on experience with the actual survival items provided.

Basic survival can be broken down into subcategories to make it simple and easier to understand. For instance, we have sections on: Why we provide…Water & Food, Shelter & Protection, Sleeping Accommodations, and Sanitation & Hygiene, etc. and everything you need for basic survival for the first six days is right in this package. You do need to set priorities and be thinking in terms of the key word SURVIVAL, and what each letter signifies.
S - Size Up the Situation
U -Use All Your Senses, Undue Haste Makes Waste
R -Remember Where You Are
V -Vanquish Fear and Panic
I - Improvise
V -Value Living
A - Act like the Natives
L - Live by Your Wits, But for Now, Learn Basic Skills

Note: Key word SURVIVAL is from the U.S. Government agencies, Department of the Army, SURVIVAL (FM 3-05.70) Field Manual

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