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The SurviveIt2 Products Package

    Product Package  

1. The Ultimate Survivor Package

2. Village in a Box

    Village In A Box  


3. Travelers Comfort Package

4. In-Shelter Package


5. First Responder Package


Why You Need These Survival Products


You need these products because “The Earth’s volatile interior shifts the continents and ocean floors while the sun’s heat bombards us with wind and wild weather.  Civilization is caught in the middle, and there’s little we can do about it except be prepared”. ( Quote from National Geographic, Special Issue, Nature’s Fury, 2010.)

Also, society still hasn’t solved specific disaster relief survival issues, being unable and/or unwilling to do so, till now! This is why we are introducing an innovative new way to help you better survive the world around you. We have valuable, viable, simple, practical, efficient and realistic ways to share with the world on how to better prepare for disasters and thus increase your and others chances of surviving a disaster during the first six days through our design oriented solutions.

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