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Portable Shelter Unit

A survival product primarily for homeless disaster survivors and homeless individuals in shelters that need a portable option for resting and sleeping. Ideal for situations where cots and beds for those in temporary need are in short supply. Great for distribution in stadiums, churches, schools and shelters. Contains 72 hours of essential life saving supplies.

Product Features

  1. Compact and light weight
  2. Size 24 X 24 X 4
  3. One-time disposable unit
  4. Easy to carry and transport
  5. Accomodates both adults and children
  6. Easy to store and distribute
  7. Safe, reliable, convenient

Essential Survival Supplies

  1. Fold out 6 foot sleeping pad and head cover
  2. Polar fleece sleeping bag
  3. Solar space blanket
  4. Micro-bead pillow
  5. Ear plugs
  6. Shaver
  7. Mouth Wash
  8. Air Freshener
  9. Tooth brush and paste
  10. Water - Food
  11. LED light

Helping Those In Need

  1. Providing comfort and dignity

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Product Brochure

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