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Travelers Survivor Package

A convenient short term survival package for travelers delayed due to cancellations and long layovers at mass transit locations like airports, train and bus stations, or ship ports. When a hotel is not an option and stranded travelers need a place to rest and sleep comfortably while awaiting for the next departure, this package is an ideal solution. It Contains 72 hours of essential daily convenience supplies and sleeping accomodations to create a better travel experience and reduce stress.

Product Features

  1. Compact and Light Weight
  2. Size 12 X 22 X 8
  3. Easy to carry and transport
  4. User Friendly
  5. One-time use, disposable packaging
  6. Accomodates both adults and children
  7. Safe, reliable, convenient, sanitary
  8. Easy to store and distribute to travelers



Essential Survival Supplies

  1. Fold out 6 foot sleeping pad and head cover
  2. Polar fleece sleeping bag
  3. Solar space blanket
  4. Micro-bead pillow
  5. Electrical luggage alarm
  6. Ear plugs
  7. Shaver
  8. Mouth Wash
  9. Air Freshener
  10. Tooth brush and paste
  11. Water
  12. Food snack
  13. Playing Cards
  14. Pen and note pad
  15. Travel delay pamphlet

Creating a Better Travel Experience

  1. Minimizes customer frustration
  2. Provides comfort and dignity
  3. Low cost alternative to hotels
  4. Improves customer satisfaction
  5. Organized and healthy solution

End These Conditions!

  1. No comfort
  2. No dignity
  3. No sanitation
  4. No luggage security
  5. No public organization


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