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Expect the Unexpected - Be Prepared!

  Disasters come in many forms including earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods, terrorism, and hazardous material spills. Disasters can strike anywhere at anytime. If you think you will never have to evacuate unless you live in a flood plain or near an earthquake fault line, you could be tragically mistaken.

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The Big Idea


To greatly improve global disaster relief results…Save more Lives, Reduce Human Suffering when disasters strike? Change status quo.


The core solution is to change the world’s current slow disaster response approach after an event, from its multiple “piece-meal” delivery systems; to a rapid disaster response delivery system of providing a “one time individual package” that disaster victims can easily use and control. These packages are comprehensive and   cohesive providing everything victim’s need, until longer solutions are available. Having people become more proactive towards disasters, providing them with vital knowledge, skills and real survival protection products, prior to the next disaster! 

We don’t want people to stand in long lines for hand-outs of different questionable products when every minute counts, that may not come. Or stand in the same line over and over for more products. Nor do we want people trying to catch products thrown out of the back of trucks, planes or helicopters in a free for all chaotic way. All disaster victims need a variety of essential supplies to survive or the end results will be the same status quo...which doesn’t have to be, any longer.  Also, we can reduce product waste which is so hazardous to our environment while providing everyone, quality products of greater value for money spent.
All of this is possible through Change By Design. Providing unique breakthrough Disaster Products and Services, Innovations and Technology; and a Business Model like no other which is Sustainable and mostly Self Funding.  However, we need to educate, train and help everyone receive services & products, no small challenge!
Fundamentally, products provides a new and better ways to help people survive the world around them when disasters strike, with dignity and respect, while balancing our social, economic and environmental interest.

Changing You're Attitude Improves Your Survival Chances


The facts are everyone needs essential elements to live.  So the real question becomes your attitude about disaster essentials:
Do you want them?    Do you have them?    Are they relevant to you?
“Your answer should be an unequivocally yes, yes and, yes.” If you have any doubt why you need disaster essentials, please see National Geographic Channel, History Channel or U Tube disaster programs. USA Federal Emergency   Management Agency web site, ongoing World News Reports or our web site.
Changing Your Attitude Does Change Your Survival Chances, especially when you have fully prepared for future disasters.

The Digital Connection to Survival


We’ve been working to integrate digital technology; in particular Mobil Health contents in a broader sense, via a cell phone, into our survival products shown below to further enhance and create the best global disaster response system. Why is digital technology important to survivors of disasters?  There are two primary reasons for this: first, it enables a fast way for survivors to communicate in motion the location, situation and circumstance they find themselves in to rescue personnel and other survivors irrespective of time and place; thus it allows them to be valuable contributors of first hand information, not just passive disaster victims. Secondly, it acts as an effective retrieval tool for accessible, accurate and timely disaster information; and also as fast way for user under stress to retrieve and forward vital personal data, when required or want to.


The best protection against, during and after a disaster strikes are SurviveIt2 products and a cell phone with the right apps.  These simple, effective and extremely low cost products can save you and other lives, reduce human suffering and provide the peace of mind that everyone wants with these latest and best disaster technology tools.


While Mobil Health is a term used for the practice of medical and public health, supported by mobile devices, numerous projects operate with a variety of objectives.  For our purposes, we envision digital technology (mainly phones) to be used for:

  • Emergency Response Systems-Helpline
  • Education, Training and Awareness
  • GPS-navigation. Where you are, Want to go, Shelter locations, Supply Locations/Costs
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • User Information-personal profile, emergency contacts, vehicle info., financial info, documents, medication, and more
  • Patient Monitoring Devices
  • Telemedicine
  • Environmental Conditions-air pollution
  • and more

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