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We Are "Changing How the Word Responds to Disasters"
With: Simple, Safe and Effective Survival Solutions

SurviveIt Company is The World’s Leader in Survival Packages, a new category of survival products we founded. As an innovative disaster relief and travel solutions company, we specialize in survival and travel product research, design and development, education and consulting to save lives, reduce human suffering, and shrink disaster costs worldwide.  Specifically we have immediate; short term all weather products.


Our group has focused on developing new disaster survival concepts and simple essential life products since August of 2005 when Hurricane Katrina tragically killed and displaced thousands of Gulf Coast residents. This event exposed the disastrous failures and mismanagement of numerous entities responsible for adequately protecting and providing relief for people involved in this disaster. Even today we continue to witness major disasters around the world again and again, but now we have much more effective solutions to improve disaster relief and survival.


We are dedicated to providing protection, comfort, dignity and hope to all disaster victims; and providing them the best survival experience and end results possible given any circumstance. Our highly skilled design team is ever persistent in producing the best and latest disaster products and services.  From the leading breakthrough technology designs we pioneered, we now have products that are extremely effective, comprehensive, affordable and long lasting that customers not only need, but really want, when given a choice; also being safe, reliable, light weight, user friendly and are made from environmentally green quality material and processes.


    SurviveIt is the only company to offer off-the-ground sleeping comfort and protection products that can be self transported easily with up to seven days of essential life saving supplies; and they have built-in solar box cookers for hot food, water purification and sterilization of items. People caught in disasters can now stop; rest and sleep assured they have a much better chance of surviving disasters when they have SurviveIt information and products.  We are very proud of what we have accomplished over the years, but realize there will always be a lot more work to be done, which we are committed to do.


Disaster relief problems and solutions are complex.  Disasters affect everyone everywhere.  We are working hard to get a worldwide consensus on solutions and actions. SurviveIt Company has the most advanced and simplest breakthrough solutions to disasters! To help explain our concepts, our core essential products, to facilitate and unite disaster relief efforts for the benefit of mankind, we have developed a presentation entitled “The Big Disaster Relief Picture Puzzle” (click below to see presentation) for your review.


We provide disaster victims the best worldwide alternative solutions.
People trust and want our products! Please join us in making them available.

Alex Malavazos - Founding Member






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    Through a focused lens…every decision and effort we make is based on our purpose, mission and vision. We ask ourselved "are we helping advance how people survive disasters or taking precious resources away from them?" That is, are we part of the solution or part of the problem? Our record and history is clear for you to decide. We don’t want future resources fragmentize and wasted, but need to expand and make the most of them by offering uniquely new and improved choices for everyone, providing the Best Disaster Solutions for the Best Disaster Relief Results.   


    Change begins when people make different choices, and it grows when people make them together. Enough change becomes a social movement that can change status quo...choices do make change.